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WEBSITE // Savor Catering

I was asked to come in and revamp a website that had been in the creation process for over a few months. The client was asking if I could come in and create a few pages and implement a deposit payment system so that their customers could go in and place a deposit for their services. I had the site up and running within a week and after a week and a half or so of changes, I had the site up and running strong. The client's sales team was in deep need of the site to direct their clients to the site to secure dates and business.

Just a little behind the scenes info. I advised the client to secure their URL and purchased hosting from SquareSpace. From there I took a theme and tore it down to build it back up to the client's needs. I also connected all social media links and added a Wedding Wire banner so that their clients could be directed to a source of their reviews.


Here is a link to the site:


savor site (1).jpg